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Please join and write a post, this is becoming an even sadder place! A+ Boo-hoos!!!!!!!
Do you get grief because you know too much or what you know is so obscure no one gets the joy out of it you do? This is your little cave where you can speak your mind.

This is a tongue in cheek group of sad, but social types, meeting online to post about all the things we can't in our waking lives. Also, a place where you can vent about how your intellect makes you feel a bit out of place, like yours truly. A love of morbid Victoriana is a plus, but not needed! :)

If you ever have wondered why people can't understand your War of the Roses reference or why they don't know where Croatia is, this is the group for you! Let us share stories of our plight and why we are so saddened...mine is from banging my head against the wall too many times!!!

If you miss wit and wish to talk about that great book on Heine or that wonderful Fritz Lang film you saw, then here is the place!! Nothing is too obscure here and we will try to understand you and not think you are a freak for knowing who the Yedizis are! :) And what about your hair collection or those things you just can't throw away? Is it wrong to wear a bustle nowadays? Really! :)

Time for me to whore, excuse me:
germancabaret Everything cabaret--fact and fiction.
darkpaganism For gothic pagans
kaosflower Women's spirituality/magic group
stregheria Italian witchcraft
victorianera Past future steampunk and more
hauntedsandiego Haunted San Diego
hauntedcity Photo place for spooky landmarks
steampunkmusic Because I'd like to not go on MySpace to look for steampunk bands

Thanks for joining up!
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